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BFA Fine Arts graduate of Parsons The New School

Influenced by surrealist artists and their practices, I create collages using found materials both analog and digitally. I also work in sculpture, photography and printmaking making myself a multi media artist. My sculptures are gateways/portals/entrances into alternative realities, as I question the current reality that surrounds me. The interactive elements of my works enables the audience to engage in a means of escapism; a path away from the real world for a short amount of time, and into one I have curated for them. Continuous themes in my art, past and present, focus on the body/my body and my relationship to it, violence/chaos, and sex/lust, the unreal made real, and the ability to be immersed into my own world that is different from our own. My work exists and manifests as a language of the subconscious, piercing the veil between reality and our more primitive.



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